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WIFI HDMI Stick Dongles

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Don't be a DINGLE...Get a DONGLE

You just received your headrest DVD players from OnFair, your kids think you're the coolest EPIC parents on the planet and you're ready to WOW them even more.  How you ask?  Let me show you.

You're going to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the HDMI input port on your Autotain headrest DVD players by adding a WIFI HDMI Dongle Stick! That's one EPIC PARENTING MOVE! If you're not at SUPER PARENT HERO status as of yet, you're guranteed to be miles closer after you go from Dingle...to...Dongle.   

Link to more Android HDMI Dongles for Headrest DVD Players

Link to more Android HDMI Dongles for Headrest DVD Players

Android WIFI HDMI Dongle for Headrest DVD Players

Adnroid is one of the most popular dongle operating systems and most of our kids are very familiar with Google's Android operating system.  Most kids age 5 or above know more about Android than us parents.  True?

Android WIFI dongles with HDMI inputs are a perfect addition to your Autotain headrest DVD players that include the HDMI port.  Currently these models include the HDMI port:  Autotain Magic and Autotain EPIC.

One important note with the Android WIFI HDMI dongle is to include the 2.4ghz wireless keyboard.  You'll need to connect up a 2.4ghz wireless keyboard to your Android WIFI dongle as your remote control.  Even with the touch screen on the headrest DVD player the touch signal does not communicate back through the HDMI port back to the dongle.  HDMI is only an input signal.  The cool news is these babies are real cheap and handy to use.  Get it? "Handy to use", I crack myself up sometimes.  Plug in the USB dongle to the Android WIFI HDMI dongle and BAM you're connected or should I say you're wireless.  BONUS TIP: we suggest getting a wireless keywboard with the light-up feature to help your little super hero's in the back seat see the buttons at night.

Google Cromecast Dongle for Headrest DVD Players

You guessed it, boy you're very smart parents.  You're correct, the Google Chromecast stick with HDMI also works like a super charm with the Autotain headrest DVD players.  One super cool feature with the Chromecast dongle is you use your smart phone or Android tablet to communicate and control the Chromecast much like a remote control.  Genius if you ask me! 

I need your help for a moment.  Did you call it a Chromecast Stick or a Chromecast Dongle?  What's a dongle anyway???  I know what a Dingle is but not a Dongle.

Amazon Fire TV Stick with HDMI for Headrest DVD Players


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