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wholesale autotain headrest dvd players and ir headphones


Since 2006, Autotain has been entertaining busy families with TOP-QUALITY car audio/video entertainment products.  Autotain offers the best-in-class headrest DVD players and the exclusive, MOST COMFORTABLE car IR headphones on the planet!!

A family business located in Lincoln, Nebraska, you're guaranteed to be buying from a company that understands "Midwestern Values", "Family Values" and the value of enjoying your family vacation.

This wholesale page is setup for car dealerships and car electronic install shops to purchase Autotain products in larger quantity at a deeper discount in order to offer our IN HIGH DEMAND TOP QUALITY products to your customers.  We get asked every day where our customers can have their Autotain headrest DVD players installed and we'd love to send them your way!!

The Autotain CLOUD IR headphones are hands-down the MOST COMFORTABLE car headphones on the planet, we guarantee it!  How do we know this with so much confidence?  Because a few years ago we went on a mission to find the most comfortable headphones by purchasing nearly every headphone on the market and our kids personally tested each of them to tell us what they liked and what they didn't like.  Many headphones will hurt your children's ears after 1-2 hours due to being too big and technically designed for larger heads.  The Autotain CLOUD infrared headphones are designed to stay on the ear with the super-soft cushions ensuring their little ears don't hurt from the hard speaker area in the center.  The Autotain CLOUD car infrared headphones WON THE COMPETITION and has been putting smiles your backseats for years!!

It's time to offer your customers the softest, most comfortable car headphones today! 


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