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[Wholesale Pack of 30] Autotain CLOUD "KID SIZE" Dual Channel IR Infrared Car Wireless Headphones +FREE BAG

  • Autotain Cloud kid size best IR Infrared headphones for car with free storage bag
  • free storage bag for best IR infrared car headphones for kids
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Customer Testimonial for Autotain Cloud Bluetooth IR Kid Headphone
  • Customer Testimonial for Autotain Cloud Bluetooth IR Kid Headphone
  • Image 9
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain Cloud kid size best IR Infrared headphones for car with free storage bag
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones
  • Autotain CLOUD "KID FRIENDLY" IR Car Wireless Headphones

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Retail: $899.70
(You save $419.73)
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Product Description

This listing is for a wholesale quantity of 30 car IR headphones!best ir infrared headphone autotain cloud most comfortable for the long drives.  universal.

Autotain is pleased to introduce the most comfortable wireless headphone for kids and backseat video entertainment in the car.

Autotain Cloud Kid Friendly Car Wireless Headphone Autotain Cloud Kid Friendly Car Wireless Headphone Autotain Cloud Kid Friendly Car Wireless Headphone


This listing is for a WHOLESALE PACK of 30 IR CAR HEADPHONES.

We've been selling headrest DVD players for many years and sometimes we would hear feedback from customers that the wireless headphone didn't fit their kid's head very well or it would hurt their ears after a short while.  We decided to take matters into our own hands and hunt for the most comfortable wireless headphone available focused on comfort for your little ones in the backseat.  We went online and purchased nearly every type of wireless headphone available  to test them out.  My kids are at that age where they're not afraid to tell me the truth and tell me which headphones hurt and which headphones are comfortable.  After many tests and many double testing from their sibling, they both agreed on which headphone model was the most comfortable.

At this point the ball was in my court, find a factory to make a similar headphone.  So I traveled to electronic trade shows, I scoured factory websites across the world, I emailed and had many face to face conversations with factory reps.  One of the problems was the headphone my kids both liked was a single channel headphone and this is a BIG PROBLEM if you have 2 or more kids.  I NEEDED DUAL CHANNEL headphones and I needed them to have the most comfortable cushions possible as well as be the right size and adjustible.  It took me over 12 months to work through this process and I had many start and stops and delays along the way. 


Introducing..........drum roll please............the Autotain Cloud!

Cloud was instantly the most obvious name for this headphone as it feels like you have fluffy little clouds over your ears.  I guarantee the first words out of your kid's mouth once they try them on the first time will be "Wow these are very comfortable".  The same words that first came out of my kid's mouth.  So now that you know the back story and why we are so excited to introduce this headphone that took us over 1 year to assemble you'll be comfident this is the perfect IR wireless headphone for your children.


  • Kid tested, kid approved
  • Toddler size, expandable to teenager size (will fit some adults as well)
  • DUAL CHANNEL - We all know how important this is!
  • Uinversal frequency to work with any factory or aftermarket IR wireless audio signal
  • Stereo signal
  • Channel A: 2.3MHz and 2.8MHz
  • Channel B: 3.2MHz and 3.8MHz
  • Auto shut-off after 5 minutes of no use.  Great  for the little ones so they don't forget and kill the batteries.
  • Operating distance of to 36 feet
  • Ultra light design

 Why buy Autotain?

Autotain is a USA based family run business located in Lincoln, Nebraska.  We enjoy designing, developing and offering car entertainment products focusd on the back seat passengers making the long family drives seem shorter.  We've been entertaining families for over 8 years and plan on continuing this tradition for many generations to come.  We hope some day your kids buy their car headrest DVD players from Autotain.  We thank you for your business!

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What to look for when buying a headrest DVD player

The top 3 things when searching for the best headrest DVD player for your vehicle are: fit, compatibility and color.

  1. Headrest DVD Player Fit - To measure for fit, measure the distance between the 2 headrest posts to see if the headrest DVD player will adjust to fit your distance.  Most headrest DVD players will fit posts between 4" and 7.5" apart. Check out our headrest DVD player fit guide for more details.
  2.  Headrest DVD Player Compatibility - The key for compatibility is mostly to see if your vehicle has "Active Headrest Technology" or not.  If it does, you'll want to get the clamp on style headrest DVD players so you may keep your existing headrests installed and keep the active headrest technology, well....active.
  3. Headrest DVD Player Colors - While there are a million color variations for vehicle interiors, for headrest DVD players there are only a few color options available.  The key is to get a free headrest color sample in advance and find the color that best matches your vehicle interior before ordering.

Key terminology for headrest DVD players

How to install the headrest DVD player

Headrest DVD player installation can be considered "Very easy" for some people while "Very difficult" for others.  This will mostly depend on the skills and comfort level of the person doing the installation and the vehicle the headrest monitors are being installed in.  The key factors in determining the degree of difficulty are:

  1. Will you be running cables through the car seats and if so, do the car seat backs come off for easier access?  Sometimes simply removing the back of the car seat can be the most difficult part of the entire install.  In most cases there will be tabs, clips or velco near the bottom of the seat as a starting point at removing the back cover. 
  2. Powering the headrests to the fuse box may become the second hardest step of the install.  If the fuse box is far away, we highly recommend running a single 14 gauge wire from the fuse box back to both headrests rather than running 2 or more wires to the fuse box.  Power both red wires to the fuse and ground both black wires to an unpainted bolt on the metal frame of the car.  If powering at the fuse box seems too difficult, most packages come with the cigarette plug power option if powering to the fuse box is too difficult.
  3. Connecting the wires is next.  Connect both the RCA yellow, red and white wires together and also the wire assembly to the headrest cable that ran down through the seat. 

TIP: be sure to tape these connections before hiding the wires under the seats or under the carpet to avoid any cables coming disconnected later.

TIP: Test the power cable connections with either the fuse box or the cigarette power plugs before installing to make sure you have a good connection and all cables and units are working as they should.  This will save time in case something needs to be fixed or exchanged.


 Searching for the Best Headrest DVD Players

If you're still searching for the best headrest DVD players on the market, take a look at our top 8 headrest DVD player list we've organized. 


Top USA Based Headrest DVD Player Brands

When searching for higher quality, greater value, top notch local customer support and the best deals on the Internet for headrest DVD players, the only choice is to go with a USA based brand name.  For headrest DVD players, there are a few choices.  Much like an Apple iPhones, this doesn’t mean the product is “Made in America” but the product holds a level of quality that American’s desire.

  1. Autotain – Lincoln, NE - Autotain is one of the leading USA based brands with a total focus of over 11 years on designing and delivering the best value and features for headrest DVD players.  Their focus is why we place them at the top of the list while others lack the focus to deliver the best.  Best known for their “Complete Packages” that include everything you need for installation as well as very detailed instruction videos.
  2. Tview – Houston, TX - Tview has a limited focus on headrest DVD players, flip-down monitors and a few similar products.  This limited focus is why they land in the #2 spot. Tview is mostly distributed to local car audio install shops across the country but you may also find their products online.
  3. Pyle – Brooklyn, NY - Pyle audio has been around for a very long time and we consider them a mass retailer with 1,000’s of products across mobile audio, mobile video, marine audio, marine video and DJ equipment for the most part.  If low price is your top priority and you’re willing to sacrifice features, Pyle is a brand to consider.
  4. Rockville – Inwood, NY - Rockville is another mass retailer with 1,000 of products much like Pyle.  Their strength and focus is primarily on low price 7” headrest models.  Based on our research they’ve been selling the exact same models for 3-4 years with very limited upgrades.  The low price is the leading factor for customers who choose their model.  Again, if price is the top factor and you’re willing to sacrifice on a few features, consider Rockville.
  5. Audiovox  - New York, NY -  A.K.A. Voxx Electronics from 2011 and beyond.  Audiovox is one of the largest public companies that sell headrest DVD players.  One of their strengths is having a custom design for nearly each vehicle on the market.  If you’re searching for that factory install look than Audiovox is a brand to consider.
  6. Rosen – Corona, CA - Rosen is another headrest DVD player brand that has a strong focus on OEM or OEM similar type headrest DVD players.  Much like Audiovox, if you’re searching for that factory look, take a look at Rosen.
  7. Boss – Oxnard, CA - Boss audio is a mass retailer with 100’s of products but only has two 7” headrest models on their website at the time of this article.  Maybe they’ve moved onto other products for the most part.

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