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Where do all the wires run

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Here's the truth, after running the wires down through the seats, hiding the wires is the hardest part of the install. Therefore, it's up to you how easy or how difficult this part becomes. You're in control.

The power and audio/video wires will connect up at the bottom of the seats to the headrest cables that you ran down through the seats. The nice part is this means all your wires are under the seats to begin with. No wires hanging down from the headrest pillow in sight. Can you say YAY?

Black tape is your best friend at this point. Tape up the wires with black tape so no moving seats or little feet can tear that baby apart. This will save you time and frustration from emailing us that they don't power up and we ask if the cables came disconnected....you get the picture. You'll also want to tape the RCA cables for the same reason. And last but not least because this may be the most important, you'll want to tape the red and black wires so they don't touch anything if you power up using the cigarette lighter power plugs. This is because if the red wire touches anything or touches the black wire when powered up, BOOM you just blew the little fuse inside designed to protect the headrests from a power surge. Sure you can replace the fuse real cheap from a local auto parts store by unscrewing the end of the cigarette lighter plug, but we hope to save you from learning this lesson the hard way.

Some parents run the wires under the seat. Maybe tie them down with a zip tie or more electrical tape. Some parents will shove them under floor mats. Some will even pull up a corner of the carpet and run the wires under the carpet. It's your call. It's our car. It's your carpet. Of course we recommend hiding the wires out of sight and out of reach from feet and other things like hockey sticks, backpacks, roller blades and soccer balls.

TIP 1: Because you have the cigarette lighter power plugs, we always recommend doing a power up test and DVD play test to make sure you have everything connected correctly and everything is working as it should before hiding all the wires. Remember, don't ever, never, not even once, let the red wire touch anything when powered by cigarette lighter plug. Can't say we didn't warn you.

If you decide to power at the fuse box, great! No worries it's not as hard as it sounds. We recommend getting one of those little handy add-a-fuse gadgets we add to our packages (if you selected it). This will make tapping into a fuse much easier.

Tip 2: Some fuse boxes are real easy, BONUS! For example a second fuse box in my GMC is located under the back passenger seat. This makes for a short run of the power wires. If your fuse box is far away, like under the dash or dare I say under the hood....Then it's HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to run a separate power wire from the fuse box back to the seats then power both headrests to this single power wire. This will reduce the exposure of the entire power wire assembly from under the seats all the way to the fuse box. They're probably long enough, but then it gets more difficult to hide everything. Again, it's your call.

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About OnFair


Are You Ready For A Fun Car Quiz? What’s The Most Important Part of a Family Vacation?

It’s keeping your kids entertained! Every mom and dad can answer it in the blink of an eye! There’s nothing more challenging than finding the right toys and gadgets that will keep your little ones engaged and offer you the peace of mind to focus on the road ahead!

And that’s Exactly What OnFair Has Been Doing Since 2006!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandon and I’m a proud husband of 22 years, father of 2 and the founder of OnFair. We absolutely love taking long family trips across the country and discover the mesmerizing beauty of nature. But as you already know, the journey is as important as the destination! And being on the road with 2 little rascals can be a handful.

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We’ve All Been There!

Let me paint you a word picture. You’re driving on route 66, it’s getting dark and your children are starting to get fussy. You take out their tablet but that’s when the fighting starts. They both want to hold it and play different games. Then comes the crying, then comes the screaming and finally you’ve had enough. You finally decide to pull over and play referee.

That’s when you see a car passing by with 2 children in the back seat laughing and enjoying themselves.

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