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What is the difference between the headrest cover and non cover kits

Many of our headrest packages come with the OPTION of having a zipper protective cover for the headrest monitor screen. Please note the zipper cover is permanently attached to the headrest pillow so please select your desired choice when ordering. Because we stock each headrest as a different model we list each headrest two times, once with a cover and once without a cover. This is to ensure we match our inventory stock levels in our warehouse with our listings online. You can tell by the model number if you are ordering a covered model or non-covered model.

Which is better? Well there are benefits of both so we wish to offer you the choice.

- Some families have very little children and the zipper covers are an inconvenience for the little child to unzip before viewing. Also, some familiers are concerned their kids may be rough with the zipper and possibly damage it with excessive use.

- Some families are concerned with the appearance and the ability to conceal the monitors from view for reasons of possible theft or just to maintain a more factory look within the vehicle.