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OnFair headrest installation 2005 toyota highlander video

Customer installation video - Onfair 9 Inch Dual Headrest DVD Player Review in a 2005 Toyota Highlander - See Headrest Installation Video

OnFair Headrest Installation 2011 Toyota Sienna Eonon L0236 tan 9 inch DVD

Customer installation video - OnFair 2011 Toyota Sienna Eonon L0236 tan 9 inch DVD headrest installation - See Headrest Installation Video

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo US Army Retired

Summary: Wonderful product
Nickname: US Army Retired
Location: Newark, NJ
Comments: Amazing, how easy was to install, my kids an 14yr boy and 8yr girl love it. They play their favorites movies, and they love the game package that came with. The price is also a great bargain.

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo eireog68

Summary: $
Nickname: eireog68
Location: Kings Park, NY
Comments: wow what a great company [OnFair] great price why cant more companies be like them the install was simple and straight forward and my son is very happy he has his dvds for long rides. if i can i will send pics later i installed these in a 2011 chevy traversethe factory option was only a 7" set.

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo naughtyca

Summary: We are VERY SATISFIED 
Nickname: THammond1127
Location: Memphis TN 
Comments: I opted to have a stereo shop run a power supply from the vehicle's switchable power so they would not be left on. Total install time 1 hour. The color matches 95% and looks like they were made for the car. Thank you for offering such a great product at a GREAT price.

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo naughtyca

Summary: Looks Good
Nickname: naughtyca
Location: Wesley Chapel, FL
Comments: I have these installed on 2010 Mazda cx-9. The speaker is great, this plays all avi files, but there is no way to see the list of movies in the disc, i have not played with the sd card I am overall happy and will buy another one for our nissan quest and might buyt another set for the 3rd row on my cx-9

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo J Richards

Summary: Nice headrest system, hard to beat!
Nickname: J Richards
Location: Dallas, TX
Comments: I ordered the 9 inch system for my Sequoia, and love it. The tan fabric is almost a perfect match; no one that I've shown the system to can dell a difference. I wouldn't suggest the 9 inch screens in anything much smaller than a full size SUV. I was not extremely happy with how the headrest post "liners" fit, without some modification the headrest was loose. Simple modification could be electrical tape to take up the slack, or weld it if you wanted to get serious. Overall, this system beats the pants off of paying $1500+ for a factory system!! The install took me about 3 hours being very careful not to damage anything in my brand new truck. It was quite simple!

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo J Richards

Summary: Very nice, kids love them 
Nickname: John_JRP3 
Location: Iowa
Comments: Installed in no time flat, wired into a local cigarette outlet and they work great. dvd rom is made by sony and thats super plus. worked flawless on are 12 hour drive each way recently. My 2 yr old daughter wouldnt have made it without them.

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo D2210

Summary: Great Item...Great Price Thank You 
Nickname: Stan W. 
Location: Englewood FL
Comments: In the car every day.

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo Aggie

Summary: Overall great
Nickname: Aggie Engineer
Location: OH
Comments: "These DVD headrests are quite easy to install in a Rav4. Do not rely on the user manual for an installation guide. The entire thing is lost in translation. It provides nothing more than a little entertainment. However, I watched the extremely helpful videos on this site, inspected our car for a way to route the cabling and power lines, and had these units installed in about 2 hours. The installation looks almost like a professional or factory installation. No cables are showing at all. The most challenging part was routing the cables under the carpet. My only complaint about the installation is that there is a design flaw on the 12mm headrest post adapters. The 10mm posts have the ""notches"" which allow you to adjust the headrest up and down, but the 12mm posts do not. This was not too important to me since they are sufficiently tall for my wife who is the primary driver of the vehicle. However, this is a safety concern as the headrests may prevent injuries in an accident. If this is important to you, make sure you verify that your unit has these notches.

As far as the functionality of the units, the picture quality is very good. I was concerned about the resolution of the screen but on 7"" it looks almost as good as the HDTV. There is a setting to change the aspect ratio. It made a big difference on the picture size if you are watching a movie with higher than 16:9 aspect ratio. The sound quality from the unit is more than acceptable. Audiophiles beware, you should not expect Bose quality. I plugged in some Sennheiser headphones and they sound great. I have not tried the wireless or RF transmitter functions and probably won't use them.

Cons? Some functions are only accessible by the DVD remote. This is typical nowadays, but it may be annoying if you are prone to losing remotes, like me. Some DVDs start off in strange places. Example: a documentary always started off in a special feature of a sub-sub-menu. I contacted OnFair about this and they said it was a software incompatibility with certain DVD manufacturer's creative menus. It's not a big deal. Just teach your kids that the ""PBC"" button on the remote brings up the ""Disc Menu"". So if you lose the remote and try to watch one of these ""incompatible menu"" DVDs, you may not be able to get the actual Movie started without the remote. Remember: PBC = Disc Menu button!

Overall, I'm giving these units 5 stars. They are far from perfect. But for the price, they far exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!"

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoOnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer Photo

OnFair Car Headrest DVD Customer PhotoI Love OnFair Car Headrest Monitors in the Sand

autotain dream headrest monitor dvd player black

autotain edge active headrest monitor dvd player

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OnFair About Us – Let’s Make Travel Time Part Of The Family Fun!

About OnFair


Are You Ready For A Fun Car Quiz? What’s The Most Important Part of a Family Vacation?

It’s keeping your kids entertained! Every mom and dad can answer it in the blink of an eye! There’s nothing more challenging than finding the right toys and gadgets that will keep your little ones engaged and offer you the peace of mind to focus on the road ahead!

And that’s Exactly What OnFair Has Been Doing Since 2006!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brandon and I’m a proud husband of 22 years, father of 2 and the founder of OnFair. We absolutely love taking long family trips across the country and discover the mesmerizing beauty of nature. But as you already know, the journey is as important as the destination! And being on the road with 2 little rascals can be a handful.

onfair family vacation onfair family vacation onfair family vacation

We’ve All Been There!

Let me paint you a word picture. You’re driving on route 66, it’s getting dark and your children are starting to get fussy. You take out their tablet but that’s when the fighting starts. They both want to hold it and play different games. Then comes the crying, then comes the screaming and finally you’ve had enough. You finally decide to pull over and play referee.

That’s when you see a car passing by with 2 children in the back seat laughing and enjoying themselves.

What Kind Of Sorcery Is This? You ask yourself

It’s not magic, it’s just the OnFair headrest DVD player! The ultimate auto entertainment solution that takes all the hassle, crying and fighting out of family trips!

After tons of road trips, I’ve decided to make family vacations more fun for both parents and children! Our headrest DVD players are designed to offer your kids endless hours of excitement while allowing you to enjoy a calm and relaxing drive.

OnFair Is The Child-Approved & Parent-Recommended Solution!

OnFair is a family-business aimed at families! Our goal is to keep mommies and daddies happy by providing them with the ultimate headrest DVD player! Ever since we designed our first product, we have been constantly upgrading it in order to keep up with the latest technology. We are based in Lincoln, Nebraska, so our family-oriented approach is a result of our Midwestern values!

And unlike other cheaply-made knock-offs, our DVD entertainment center has a name! It’s Autotain and it’s here to make your family vacations a tiny bit more fun!

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