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Naviskauto Headrest DVD Players

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About OnFair

It's our mission at OnFair to search, test, and deliver the very best headrest DVD player packages on the planet.  A challenging task with so many choices, however we've been doing this since 2006 and feel we know more about headrest DVD players than most.  A family business from the USA who understands your needs and desires.  We're glad you're here!

OnFair's house brand is Autotain.  If you've not taken a look at Autotain yet, please do.

  • #1 Autotain DREAM 9" in pillow headrest DVD players - our top seller!
  • #2 Autotain EDGE 10.1" clamp on (touch or non-touch) headrest DVD players - perfect for the easy install!
  • #3 Autotain MEGA 12" clamp on headrest DVD players - a big screen with amazing resolution!

We've done the homework and here's what we know about the following headrest DVD players.

Are Naviskauto Headrest DVD Players Good?

Are you searching for the best selling Naviskauto headrest DVD players?  

naviskauto headrest dvd playerHowever, before you decide get the details.  Naviskauto is a cheap Chinese brand headrest DVD player offering low prices to the lowest bidder.  If money is tight and you're not seeking all the bells and whistles of a premium brand headrest DVD player, then Naviskauto may be just your solution.

Naviskauto specialize in the clamp on "active headrest" DVD players.  They offer many combinations with and without wireless headphones.  They have the touch button model CH1001B where this is the cheapest active headrest DVD player you can get from Naviskauto.

The CH1003B is a step up model also for "active headrest" vehicles with 1080P compatibility.  

If you simply wish to buy a headrest monitor without the DVD player, they also offer this option.  It's the CH1006B model.  NOTE: there is NO DVD player inside this unit it is simply a headrest monitor that views the video from other sources.

If you're looking for a premium Naviskauto headrest DVD player (well as premium as they get) then you're looking for their touch screen model.  This is the CH1002B model.  It's another 10.1" headrest mointor with DVD player and touch screen capability.

And...drumroll please...the most premium Naviskauto headrest DVD player they offer is the same touch screen model with 1080p capability.  The CH1004B model.

Where is Naviskauto Located?

naviskauto mapNaviskauto is owned by Shenzhen SUOKESI Technology Co Ltd at Guangrong Mansion No 108, Xinanwu Road, Baoan, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

Please remember when choosing Naviskauto...you're choosing to buy from a Chinese company that will ship your product to you from China (Hong Kong officially).  This is fine in many situations however....there's sometimes a glich.  USA customs.  USA customs randomly stops and holds shipments for further inspection.  This can take 7-21 days sometimes.  This can also leave your product opened, tested and eventually delivered to you in less than a brand new condition.  While most shipments travel right through customs without any issues, this is a risk you must accept when selecting Naviskauto.  Knowing this in adavance is simply buying with knowledge of the possibilities and why we wish to educate customers.

So, once again, if you're searching for the lowest price headrest monitors, Naviskauto may be your best option.  If you have zero concerns with ever returning the item back to the seller (because they're in China your return shipping cost will be very high) then Naviskauto may again be your best option.  China sellers are professionals at offering the lowest price.  They're export subsidies help them make money even when selling at a loss.  The USPS has given China sellers an advantage to ship small items across the world cheaper than you and me can ship across the country.  And some will say with an artificially inflated China dollar to the US dollar the China seller has yet another advantage and can make a living selling at pennies in profit.  This isn't meant to be bashing any particular China seller.  This is simply how it is for all of them.