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In Pillow Headrest DVD Player

In pillow headrest DVD players offer that built-in look you’ll love with the DVD player and monitor being built into the headrest pillow cushion.

The headrests pillows are designed and engineered with style, comfort and compatibility in mind.  The colors are designed to match or give a near-match with the majority of car interiors without the added expense of customized color matching.  The headrest posts adjust to fit most vehicles post distances.

With the Autotain VERSA metal headrest posts you’ll have a SOLID installation no matter what post diameter size your vehicle size has.  VERSA posts come in 10mm, 12mm 12.7mm and 14mm diameters engineered to fit 99% of all vehicles on the market.

If you wish to check for a color match for your headrest DVD players before buying we will be happy to mail you a headrest DVD player material sample in advance of ordering FREE OF CHARGE! 

It’s also a very good idea to check if your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology before ordering.  We have Active Headrest DVD Players as well but not in this section.  We also have how-to videos and other resources to help explain more about this technology if it’s the first you’ve heard of it.

We know you’ll enjoy your Autotain in pillow headrest DVD players and thank you for choosing OnFair.