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How to Use Kid Size Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Posted by on July 22, 2015

YAY, you just received your wonderful Autotain Cloud kid-size Bluetooth headphones and you're ready to rock-n-roll!

Let's show you how to setup and enjoy them.

kid size bluetooth headhonesHow to setup your kid size Bluetooth headphones:

First thing you need to do is connect your Bluetooth headphones to the device that will be playing the music or sending the audio.  Most times this is a very easy step and only needs to be done one time and the connection will be remembered for future use.  Power ON your Cloud Bluetooth headphone by holding the power button...BUT... don't let go when you see the red light come on...keep holding the power button a little longer.  You'll soon see a blinking red and green light.  Now you can let go of the power button.  This signals that the Bluetooth headphone is "ready to sync" and sending a signal out into space identifying itself.

While the red and green light is blinking, make sure your smart phone, tablet, iPad, iPhone or whatever other Bluetooth enabled device you wish to connect to has the Bluetooth signal turned ON.  Now SCAN for nearby devices.  You should quickly see the AUTOTAIN headphone on the list.  YAY!  Connect to the AUTOTAIN headphone and VOILA you're connected.  As confirmation you should hear a beep and the flashing red/green light on the Bluetooth headphone will turn to a sold red light.

How to power down your kid size Bluetooth headphones:

To power down your Bluetooth wireless headphones, hold the power button until you hear a power down audio sound and the light blinks off.  If you let go too soon, pressing the power button for a short period of time, may tell your smart phone (if you're connected to a smart phone) to call the last person you talked to.  So if you wish to power down, hold the power button until you see and hear the power down signal.

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How to adjust the volume up or down on your kid size Bluetooth headphones:

To adjust the volume up or down, hold the volume control button up to increase the volume or hold the volume control button down to lower the headset volume.  NOTE - THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, you must HOLD the volume control button up or down as the volume adjusts.  Quickly pushing the volume button up or down then releasing is telling the headphone to do another thing which we will explain in a moment.  Holding the button up or down until you reach your desired volume level is how it's done!

Another tip, you can control the volume both with your headphone volume control button AND with the volume control on your smart phone, tablet or iPad device as well.  We suggest keeping the volume control on the headphone set at one location that you desire and then use the smart device to adjust up or down whenever you desire.

How to advance forward or return backward in the song play list on your kid size Bluetooth headphones:

kid size bluetooth headphones

Remember how we told you to hold the volume up and volume down button to adjust the volume?  Sure you do, it was only 2 seconds ago.  Well using the same up and down buttons for volume you can also advance forward or return backward one song by quickly tapping the button up for forward and down for backwards on your song play list.  How cool is that?

How to use the kid size Bluetooth headphones as wired headphones:

It's BONUS TIME!  Not only are your kid size Bluetooth headphones wireless (Bluetooth of course) they are also able to be used as wired headphones as well!  This allows your children  to use the AUTOTAIN CLOUD headphones with nearly any device, Bluetooth compatible or not.  The AUTOTAIN CLOUD wireless Bluetooth headphones include a 3.5mm audio input cable that can easily be plugged into the wireless headphones and then plugged into any audio device that also has a 3.5mm audio output.  This is an industry standard size so almost all devices that send audio have this type of connect.  Home radios, mp3 players, etc.

How to charge your kid size Bluetooth headphones:

First off, you'll get a charge watching your kids enjoy their AUTOTAIN CLOUD kid size Bluetooth headphones. While this type of charge may fuel your day with delight, it won't keep the headphones running forever.  The super-cool news is the AUTOTAIN CLOUD headphones have a long lasting battery and can last approximately 6 hours of use.  I use mine everyday and have never run out of power in the middle of a phone call (oh phone calls, will tell you more about that in a moment) or while enjoying my latest audio book or listening to some Pandora in my backyard.

To charge your kid size wireless Bluetooth headphones you'll need to rely on old-fashion volts, ohms, amps and some joules.  Don't worry there's no quiz after this, however I'm having flashbacks to my high school electricity class teacher with one missing finger.

To charge your Bluetooth headphones, use the included USB to AWESOME POWER cable.  Plug the USB end into a USB compatible wall charger or even a computer USB port will work and as you can probably already guess, plug the AWESOME POWER end into your AWESOME AUTOTAIN CLOUD Bluetooth headphones.  A full charge will typically take a couple hours.  You don't need to stand there and watch it.  Go play with your kids.  Take them on a bike ride and once you come back, your headphones should be roaring and ready to go again.

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How to use your Bluetooth headphones on phone calls:

kid size bluetooth headphones

WOW, these will also work on phone calls!  Yup, you got it.  One of the most amazing, most awesome and most comfortable wireless Bluetooth headphones in the world also work for Bluetooth enabled phone calls.  Using your smart phone with Bluetooth turned on and wirelessly connected to your amazing AUTOTAIN CLOUD Bluetooth headphones, you can answer the phone on the fly and talk to your friends, business colleges or school teaches hands-free.  We know, this is totally over the top and at this point you want to buy another set of AUTOTAIN CLOUD Bluetooth headphones just to give to your neighbors.  It's okay go ahead!

YES, the AUTOTAIN CLOUD Bluetooth headphones include a noise cancelling mic for those on-the-go, don't have enough free hands type of phone calls.  Every parent knows what I'm talking about.  Wish you had 3 hands, well with your AUTOTAIN CLOUD Bluetooth headphones, it's almost like you do have 3 hands.

TIP, the mic is hidden on the front side of the headphones.  If you wear the headphones with the R on the right side and L on the left side, you're good to go.  Your phone calls will be crystal clear.  However if you're like my dad and sometimes put the R on the left side and the L on the right side, the mic will be on the back side of the headphones and you guessed it, the person on the other end of the phone will think you're in a tunnel or using a can and string as your smart phone.  So don't be like my dad in this case.

Wish you were a KID again...so you could enjoy our AUTOTAIN CLOUD wireless Bluetooth headphones:

Well guess what...are you ready...are you sitting down..we don't want you to hurt yourself...or fall over after we tell you the next thing.  Please sit down before reading on......we can wait.

You guessed it!  The AUTOTAIN CLOUD headphones adjust for bigger heads.  For parents.  For you!  That's right, we couldn't pack all the greatness into a single device and only make them available to children.  We know parents wish to play their kid's video games, ride their kid's 4 wheelers and we all wish we could be a kid again.  Well adjust your AUTOTAIN CLOUD wireless Bluetooth headphones to SUPER SIZE and put these babies on your noggin.  

Once parents discover how amazing the AUTOTAIN CLOUD wireless headphones are and how soft they are and how great the sound is and how long the battery last and how clear the phone calls are (when you're not in a tunnel) they buy another set for themselves.  

The most comfortable kid size AND PARENT SIZE Bluetooth wireless headphones

Hands down, these are the softest, most comfortable and most desirable wireless Bluetooth headphones on the planet.  Buy them for your kids...and buy them for yourself.  You deserve the soft ear pads. You deserve the comfortable fit.  You deserve them!

If you're not into reading and would like to watch how to setup and how to use Bluetooth headphones, here's the video version.