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Genius Family Travel Tip - How to Pack the Suitcase Effectively

Posted by on April 29, 2016

You're only a couple days away...you can't wait...you're driving out of Dodge and the entire family is going to spend the next week together traveling across the country, exploring this planet we call home and building some of the most remember-able times in your children's lives.  IT'S THE FAMILY VACATION!

But...it's the storm before the calm, it's the countess things you need to do before you go. It's holding your mail, telling your trusting neighbors to watch the house and the one thing you want to do last because it could simply be the most painful part of the pre-vacation preparations....PACKING THE SUITCASES!

First off, it's only for a week.  Why do we need to bring 12 sets of clothing?  Why do we need 3 pairs of shoes?  Can't we simply flip our underwear inside out and consider it fresh?  True story, on a recent 2 day trip our daughter brought 5 swimming suits...and we didn't even have time to go swimming......

Let me share with you one of the most simple yet dare I say "Genius" travel tip that once we discovered have never traveled without...ever again...even on 2 day trips.

Let's say you have 4 or 5 people in the family.  Do you take 4 or 5 suitcases?  Do the guys get 1 suitcase and the girls get the other 3 suitcases?  Do you struggle finding each individual's clothing each day in the shared suitcases?  Of course you do.  Things get shuffled around, things get mixed up, the dirty clothes are all piled in with the clean clothes.  That's how it ends up.  

Okay, you ready for the simple yet genius family travel tip for packing your suitcase?  Here it is....Hefty OneZip Jumbo 2.5 Gallon Ziploc Bags.  Yup, Ziploc bags.  They're inexpensive, simple to use and yet make packing the suitcase, finding your clothes and keeping the dirty from the clean so so so easy.

The reasons we love the Hefty 2.5 gallon bag is: 

  • The size is perfect to proportion your clothing in groups.  Shirts in one bag, shorts another bag and undergarments in a third bag.  
  • The heavy duty zipper works great at holding it all together and zipping shut under pressure.

Packing Suitcase Tip

Link to a 36 pack for only $15.45 (at the time of this article) with free 2 day shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

I remember a time we were checking in our bags at the airport and one bag was a few pounds over the limit where the airline wanted to charge an additional $50 overweight fee while our other back was a few pounds under.  We simply zipped open the heavy bag, grabbed a Hefty Ziploc bag and placed it into the lighter suitcase.  SHAZAM!  PROBLEM SOLVED!

Also, when it's time to unpack at the hotel it takes only a few minutes to organize everyone's clothing.  No more, I can't find my cloths as you're waiting for the last person in the family to get ready...

If you need, you can also write each person's name on the bags to keep it straight.  Want to go extreme and satisfy a little ADHD, color code them with stickers...Now you're thinking!

Don't have time to go to the store to buy some Hefty 2.5 Gallon Ziploc bags?  No worries.  Here's a direct link to a 3 pack (12 x 3 = 36) that if you have an Amazon Prime account, you'll get in 1-2 days.  

May your family vacations last a lifetime!

Enjoy the drive!