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Headrest DVD Player Styles

in pillow vs clamp on headrest dvd player

OnFair focuses day in and day out at providing the top selling headrest DVD players on the market and families trust us deliver on our promise your family will enjoy the headrest DVD players you choose from us. We’re the only online retailer on the planet to focus exclusively on this product so you can buy with confidence that we’ve done our homework and will only offer you the best of the best.  No cutting corners here.

Want more help?  We go into GREAT DETAIL on the advantages and disadvantages of in-pillow and clamp-on headrest DVD players here.  Take a look!

3 basic headrest DVD player styles to choose from:

In pillow headrest DVD players are the most common and very popular for the busy family looking to have a built-in look without spending thousands of dollars on a custom configuration.  In pillow headrest monitors offer a built in look were the power and a/v wires can run down the posts, through the seats and under the seats for a hidden and factory install look.

Active headrest DVD players offer a “Quick and Easy” install option by clamping the headrest DVD player bracket onto your existing headrest posts and mounting the DVD player to the bracket.  Our Autotain Desire model includes the option to run the power and AV wires down through the seats just like the in pillow style headrest DVD players to offer that built-in look without compromising the integrity of your Active Headrest Technology.

Android headrest DVD players is a new configuration offered first from OnFair. We worked over 12 months directly with factory engineers to build this beauty for us and we’re very excited to offer it to you.  Android headrest DVD players are the first of its kind with a headrest pillow configuration that includes the best of both DVD and the digital world. Your kids can watch that new Disney movie on DVD or switch over to their favorite Android game or App with the push of a button on the remote control.

There’s a reason, OnFair is your online authority and friend when it comes to headrest DVD players.  We are focused on developing and delivering the best headrest DVD players on the market.  Our products are kid tested, parent improved and ahead of the pack. 

Thank you for choosing OnFair to entertain your back seat passengers.