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Clamp On Active Headrest

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Active Headrest DVD Player

Many new vehicles include the Active Headrest Technology where the factory headrest pillow will adjust up and forward during the event of an accident.  Because of the electronics and motor parts used to move the headrest pillow and the added safety this offers, we don’t recommend replacing your headrest pillows if they have Active Headrest Technology built in.

Don’t despair, we have the perfect solution to provide the back seat entertainment you’re looking for!

OnFair offers a selection of the top quality Active Headrest DVD Players on the market.  The Autotain Desire is our top selling model and most likely the top selling Active Headrest DVD Player as well.  With its super big high resolution 10 inch monitor it’s a beauty and offers a quality looking installation with the included clamp on bracket that helps hide all the wires down through the seats for a factory looking installation.

Before ordering your headrest DVD players from OnFair, be sure to double check if your vehicle has Active Headrest Technology and select the best DVD player package for your needs.

We know your family will enjoy your Autotain Active Headrest DVD players and thank you for choosing OnFair.