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Top Headrest DVD Player Models

OnFair is the online authority for car headrest DVD players and monitors because we're focused only on designing and delivering you the best headrest DVD players on the market.  As a family with young kids, we know the situation.  You have a long family drive ahead, maybe it’s a family vacation or maybe a drive to see family members for the holiday.  After 15 minutes into the 3 hour drive the kids are restless asking when you’re going to get there……

Your solution is to keep your restless back seat passengers entertained or edutained (educated and entertained) for the entire drive.  Headrest DVD players offer you the solution to your challenge.  Throw in a Disney movie, turn on their kid size wireless headphones and the time will fly by like you never experienced before.  No more, are we there yet?  No more, he’s on my side of the car. No more, I’m bored why do we need to go to grandma’s house?

The top selling headrest DVD player on the market is Autotain hands down!  With their focus on quality and value you’ll find the Autotain headrest DVD player packages don’t cut corners where it counts but also don’t offer expensive upgrades that are unnecessary.  Every Autotain headrest DVD player package includes the VERSA metal headrest install posts so you can have a solid installation with ease.  Each Autotain headrest DVD player includes 2 DVD players (1 in each unit) so both kids can choose to watch a different movie at the same time.  Every Autotain headrest DVD player package include both fuse box and cigarette lighter power cables for your choice on installation.  Also the Autotain Magic and Desire packages include a 1 hour “how to install and use” DVD showing you exactly how it’s done and lesson on how to operation the units so you don’t spend hours trying to figure it out.

Eonon headrest DVD players offer a cheap headrest DVD player option for the tight budget.  Eonon is a China based company so Eonon headrest DVD players ship directly from the Eonon warehouse in Hong Kong.  Most times this is a quick shipping as long as there are no surprise customs hold for inspection.  Most Eonon headrest DVD players offer built-in DVD players on both units and dual channel wireless headphones. They don’t offer the Autotain exclusive VERSA install posts or cigarette lighter power supply.  However, the Autotain cigarette lighter power cables are compatible with Eonon headrests if you wish to buy them here you can.

If cheap headrest DVD players is what you’re looking for.  You’re counting the dollars but really wish to get headrest DVD players and wish to stretch your dollars.  Check out our picks for cheap headrest DVD players here.  Note, we don’t accept cheap for headrest DVD players at OnFair so this page will direct you to other websites that are more focused on cheap.  It’s our way of trying to help.  We don’t want to over-sell you our headrests when they are just not in the budget.

Thanks for visiting OnFair.  We hope you appreciate our efforts at educating and helping you find and buy the best headrest DVD player for your next family drive.  We appreciate your business and look forward to delivering your order.