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Why IR Infrared Headphones are a MUST HAVE!

Posted by on May 02, 2015

Close your eyes and remember when you were sitting in the back seat of your family station wagon watching the road out of the side window as your family drives to your exciting but far away family vacation. You quickly got bored, you ask your parents how much longer and they laugh knowing you’re only an hour away from home and the journey has just begun. They tell you to play roadside bingo or count the telephone poles along the side of the road. That keeps you busy for another 15 minutes…”Are we there yet?” you ask again.

When we were kids, there were not many “Entertainment options” during those long family drives. Fortunately, today there are many options with the top choice for family drives being Autotain headrest DVD player packages. They save your kids from the same hours and hours of boredom we painfully endured at their age. 

  • Headrest DVD players keep your kids entertained
  • Headrest DVD players keep your kids busy
  • Headrest DVD players keep their minds busy
  • Headrest DVD players educate your kids 
  • Headrest DVD players expand your child’s imagination
  • Most important, headrest DVD players make that drive seem shorter because we all know the phrase: 

“Time flies when you’re having fun” is absolutely true!

ir infrared headphones

One of the most important, most critical, most valuable accessory to enjoying your next family drive is the IR infrared headphones that transfer the audio signal from your headrest DVD player or flip down video monitor to your child’s ears.

WARNING: not all infrared IR headphones are the same. 

There are many models. Some have dual channel some are single channel. Some are stereo and some are mono. Some use proprietary IR frequencies and some use the industry stand IR infrared frequency.

Are you looking for IR infrared headphones for your flip down monitor or headrest DVD players? We’ve pulled together everything you need to know before you buy your next set of IR headphones so you can select the best IR headphones for your needs with total confidence.

Ready for the next step? Let's talk about all the features and functions you MUST have with your IR infrared headphones and where you will find the best deal!