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​WARNING Don’t Buy the Cheapest Headrest DVD Players

Posted by on May 02, 2015

This is a public service announcement provided by the online authority for car headrest DVD players, OnFair. Serving busy families looking to entertain their kids during long family drives for nearly a decade, we know car headrest DVD players better than anyone.

With the luxury of shopping online you’re able to quickly search and compare headrest DVD player packages from seller to seller, package to package. There are many choices on the market and chosing the best headrest DVD player package for your needs can become a challenging task.

Also with the luxury of the Internet, the world is closer together and online sellers half way around the world are trying to capture your dollar with little worry if they deliver the quality of product you’re looking for.

The #1 selling strategy from global sellers is to offer a product that looks similar to more expensive packages but at a cheaper price. Because many buyers make quick decisions based on what they see in a photograph without reading the details...unfortunately...this strategy works. 


What happens is the quick-deciding customer receives their cheap headrest DVD player package, open the box and quickly find out they may have saved a few bucks but lost a ton of value and if they would have done just a little more homework before selecting the true-best headrest DVD player for their needs they would have found OnFair at the top of their list. Because the cost of shipping the cheap headrest back to China is so expensive, many customers just accept their bad decision at this point and live with it...


It’s not what’s inside the box, but what’s NOT inside the box that will surprise you. Cheap headrest DVD player packages typically leave out some of the most important accessories and components to make your headrest DVD player install and enjoyment the best it can possibly be.

  • They leave out super important metal posts for all the sizes such as what's offered with the VERSATM headrest post system only offered by OnFair. SURPRISE!
  • They don’t include pass-through technology which makes watching one movie on multiple devices impossible. SURPRISE AGAIN!
  • They only offer 1 DVD player instead of 2 and explain this in the tiny fine print. BIG BAD SURPRISE!
  • They don’t use the latest Autotain software designed to play region 1 AND region 1 enhanced DVDs.  Only half your DVD's will play.  SURPRISE AGAIN!
  • They use a lower resolution screen or dare I say, they use “used” screens. We’ve been approached by factories offering the use of “used” screens for a lower price and so we know it happens. SURPRISE!  We deleted these factories from our sourcing list and you should too.  OnFair guarantees they only include brand new screens in their packages. NO SURPRISE!
  • Cheap packages only include single channel headphones. SURPRISE!
  • EVEN CHEAPER packages don’t include wireless headphones at all. SURPRISE!
  • The cheap packages don’t include cigarette lighter power cables for that quick install you’re looking for. SURPRISE AGAIN!

HERE'S A QUICK TEST.  If the package doesn't include headphones or a cigarette lighter power cable or VERSA headrest posts...it's too cheap for you!  Move on...quickly!

The purpose of this public service announcement is to save you the BAD SURPRISES and help you find the GOOD SURPRISES! The solution is clear. OnFair is the online authority for car headrest DVD players with the biggest value for your buck. They offer headrests at a price far less than a car dealership but don’t cut corners when it comes to important accessories or quality components. 

OnFair designs the best value, the best combination of pieces and parts and they offer the most complete source of information and support to help you chose the best headrest DVD player package to fit your vehicle but more importantly, fit your needs!

OnFair brings new headrest DVD players to the market all the time, the latest and greatest headrest DVD player package on the planet is an EPIC package your EPIC family is guaranteed to LOVE. Check it out.

If finding the greatest value for your family is top priority, check out their Autotain MAGIC Silver headrest DVD player package which contains all the “Important” features without car dealership pricing. 

Let us tell you a little secret...are you ready…are you sitting down...this is a biggy...a shock factor magnitude of 10...here it is...many car dealerships actually buy from OnFair before they mark up the price and install our headrests into cars on their lot. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone you got your headrests directly from the world’s premier headrest DVD player supplier and this will remain our little secret. 

We hope you appreciate our extreme efforts to offer you the best of both worlds. We know what you're looking for.  Enjoyable family drives AND money left in your wallet.

There's only 1 step left.  Choosing which OnFair headrest DVD player package you'll enjoy most.

Cheers to your next road trip!