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Best TV Headphones for Nursing or Retirement Homes

Posted by on April 25, 2018

Why do nursing homes choose the AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones?

  • The super-soft comfortable earpads allow for people to wear for a long time without hurting their ears.
  • The easy auto-connect feature allows users to simply turn on and use.
  • The dual channel configuration allows for 2 TV’s with 2 AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones to be enjoyed at the same time without any conflicts.
  • The auto-shutoff feature is great for saving batteries even when the headphones are left on but not in use.

There are many more reasons why the AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones are the perfect solution for nursing homes but above are the top answers our customers tell us.

Best TV Headphone

Why use TV headphones in a nursing home?

A nursing / retirement home is a place where people are near with each other and wishing to do different things at the exact same time. Some wish to sleep, some wish to have a conversation with other people, some wish to enjoy watching the birds outside the window and some wish to enjoy watching TV. The AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones allow for TV watching without interrupting others at the same time.

If you have ever walked through a nursing / retirement home you’ve certainly walked past the room where the TV volume is turned all the way up so the individual that’s only 10 feet away can hear the TV. They want to hear what Pat Sajak has to say. Unfortunately, individuals that are trying to sleep 3 rooms over also hear what Pat Sajak has to say but don’t want to.

The AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones are a great hearing aid for nursing / retirement homes. With a volume control both on the TV (through the wireless transmitter) and directly on the headphone, the user can adjust the volume for their individual needs. And if more than 1 person is watching / listening to the same TV at the same time, each person can adjust the volume to their individual needs.

The AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones offer a one-to-many configuration. This means that you can connect 1 wireless transmitter to a TV and then wirelessly connect multiple (as many as you wish) AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones to the same transmitter (with auto scan) and they will all hear the same audio from the same TV. Then, everyone can adjust the volume to their own desired level as well.

Nursing / Retirement homes are choosing the AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphone and you should too! 

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After watching TV for hours and hours, your members will be glad you selected the super-comfortable AUTOTAIN CLOUD TV headphones. They adjust to fit all sizes and fold up for easy storage. Auto scan for easy connectivity and auto-shut off once the TV is turned off.

Enjoying your favorite TV show should be enjoyable for everyone!