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Android Headrest

Android Headrest DVD Player

OnFair is excited to be the FIRST to offer the most innovative solution yet for car headrest DVD players! Introducing the Autotain EDGE-A Headrest DVD player with a built-in Android system included. 

That’s right, you get the best of both worlds with both a built-in DVD player and Android in a single unit!  This is quickly becoming the most popular configuration and sometimes we’re having difficulty keeping up with demand.

With the built-in Android system, your headrest monitor because a traveling computer for your back seat passengers.  Download digital movies, apps or video games to take on the road during your next family vacation.  Use your smart phone to create a traveling WIFI hot spot in the car and the headrests are now wirelessly connected to the Internet as you travel down the interstate.

The Autotain EDGE-A is the first of its kind and we’re proud to offer it to you exclusively at OnFair.